Rotary Club of Bathurst East

    The Friendly Club

Visit by District Governor David Kennedy

Our speaker tonight was DG David Kennedy who spoke quite passionately on Rotary, the ideals of Rotary and the importance of both thinking ahead for the future of the organisation as well as for continuing in the quest to increase membership.
The journey for David in Rotary began when Lou Shehade invited David to join our Club. We should all follow Lou’s example by encouraging others to join us.
David continued quoting RI President Gary Huang: “ I would like to think that the pioneering days of Rotary have just begun”, adding “Rotary must continue to change or it will be left behind”.
David spoke of his visit to San Diego in the US for a Rotary conference attended by some 539 Rotarians. While there he met with RI President Huang who gave a saying from Confucius: “It is better to light a single candle than to sit and curse the darkness”. This, in effect is the heart of Rotary: it is our responsibility to light one candle – to have a new member join Rotary – just as Lou lit the candle for David all those years ago.
Further, we should ensure the great work of Rotary is made known outside our immediate area – the Polio eradication programme for example. If as planned, Polio is “wiped out” by 2020, each of us can stand up and say: “I helped to do that. I am a Rotarian”.
David has three ideals he would like to see be achieved:
1.    Increase in membership – not just 3% in a year, but working with the DG Elect and so on, to achieve 5% over three years.
2.    Better understanding by Rotarians of the Rotary Foundation. The Foundation is the primary charity of Rotary. The District receives grants and in turn, can make grants to Clubs having a worthy project requiring funds.
3.    Better public relations – ensuring the public is better informed of Rotary and what Rotary has achieved and is achieving. This can be done by various means including on “Facebook”.
David also spoke about the District Conference to be held in Cowra next March, urging those who can attend to do so. “It will be a conference about Rotary” David stated, adding that “costs will be kept to a minimum”.