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Camp Quality - Fun Therapy for kids!

Camp Quality
This week we were honoured to have as our guest speaker, Michael (“Mick”) Burgess from “Camp Quality”. 
Mick was introduced by PP Bob Newton who recounted an unfortunate experience Bob had when he assisted with a camp some years ago.
Mick though, put Bob at ease by saying other “interesting” events have occurred over the years.
Mick explained the concept of “Camp Quality” and how it helps children affected by various types of cancers to enjoy themselves with the motto being “laughter is the best medicine”. By so doing, it provides the participants with the ultimate therapy, fun, and allows them where possible, to heal emotionally.
Mick also spoke about the fact “Camp Quality” helps as many as it can of the 10,000 children who may have one or more parent currently undergoing cancer treatment. Support is also given to families in other ways, especially in cases where the child under treatment does not survive.
Of course, the organisation would like to do more but is limited by the lack of volunteers, particularly men.
In the 16 years he has been associated with “Camp Quality”, Mick said he has witnessed time and time again, the great strain placed on parents who more often than not, have to tend to the child undergoing treatment, look after any other children at home as well as having to keep working.
From donations received, the organisation only uses eight cents in each dollar for administration, with the remainder being used to run the various camps.
“Camp Quality” looks after children aged from 4 to 13 years, with an organisation having similar ideals, “Can Teen” looking after children over the age of 13.
Following his wrapping up, Mick was sincerely thanked on our behalf by PP Stephanie Brown for his attendance and the information given. Steph also presented Michael with one our world famous coffee mugs.